Worst Nepal Airplane Crash killed 68

Worst Nepal Airplane Crash killed 68

On Sunday plane crash in Nepal, more than 68 people were killed; the plane went down near the city of Pokhara, considered the worst airplane crash in history of Nepal. The plane was operated by Nepal’s Yeti airline, having four crew members and 68 passengers in it. According to Nepal aviation authority, in the passengers, 37 were men; twenty-five were women, three children.

The search efforts for people were postponed because of night and now continued from today morning, four people from the plane are still missing, and the Army spokesperson Krishna Prasad reported. The airplane was flying from capital of Nepal, Kathmandu towards Pokhara, a gateway top Himalayas.

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Loss of lives in crash

The Aviation Safety Network reported that it is the third worst air crash in the world, remaining two were in Thai and Pakistan airlines killing 113 and 167 people. It is further reported that it is the worst air crash in the history of Nepal.

According to the report by Civil Aviation Authority, 53 passengers were Nepali local and fifteen were international passengers from India, Russia and Korea.

The rescue operation is still going on, according to airport traffic management, the plane lost its contact with airport at 10; 50 am after 15 minutes of taking off. A clip of plane flying low over a populated area is viral on social media.

A five member committee for investigation has also been formed to investigate the real cause of crash, the committee is ordered to submit the report within 45 days.

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Nepal Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal paid condolences to deceased families and showed her grief about the tragic incident happened in the country.

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