Indian Vlogger Reunites Two Families

Indian Vlogger Reunites

1947 Partition of the subcontinent

The reuniting of families split apart after the 1947 Partition of the subcontinent has been greatly aided by social media. 

With the help of a vlogger, the Chawla family of Nutkani village in Taunsa Sharif tehsil was one of them who split up and eventually reunited after 75 years. 


A video blog with the title “MITHRA BHIRA” (dear brother) recently went viral on social media and described the case of a family where one brother, Abdul Majeed, and a sister chose to remain in Nutkani village while other family members moved out and lived in a town close to New Delhi. Later, Majeed and his sister converted to Islam. Later afterwards, Majeed passed away. 

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Manu Mehta’s Role

Manu Mehta, an Indian vlogger who facilitates such reunions, learned about the Chawla family and was instrumental in putting the family in touch. Mehta travelled to Pakistan with Kirshan Kumar Chawla, his brother Dianand Kumar Chawla, and their cousin Sheikh Saifullah, the late Abdul Majeed’s son. They also visited their birthplace and got to know their sister and her kids. 

According to Raitra police SHO Yousaf Baloch, his squad provided security for the Indian visitors, who spent two days there and were cordially received by the family and neighbourhood people. 

Brothers’ Emotional Reunion

In the video, Kirshan Kumar and retired principal Dianand Kumar are seen kissing the mud wall of their family’s former home. After the Partition, the home was rebuilt using the original bricks. The brothers’ emotional reunion with the family members is captured on camera as they sob while caressing the antique bricks of their ancestral home. 

They claimed that their grandfather D.K. Chawla constructed that home in 1898. They praised the SHO and his team for arranging their visit, expressed gratitude to everyone who helped make the trip possible, and stated they were impressed by their cousins’ hospitality.

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