Surprising expense of Ex PM’s Helicopter

Surprising expense of Ex PM’s Helicopter

The helicopter expense report of Ex-Prime Minister Imran Khan is presented in Senate under the presence of commanding officer of 6 Aviation Squadron. According to detailed documents, helicopter made 15km journey, including the locations of Bani Gala, Imran Khan’s residential place and his official residents including Prime Minister House in Islamabad.

The expense document was shared by Minister for Law and Justice Shahdat Awan. During PTI government from 2019 to 2022, the travelling expense of Imran khan was 2, 80,000 per hour.

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Total Expense of Helicopter

According to detailed report, the helicopter was used for more than 495 hours in 2019 and cost was Rs 131.94 million. While in 2020 the travelling time and expense both increased to 522 hours costing Rs 143 million. The law minister reported that in 2021, Imran Khan used helicopter for 450 hours and cost was Rs 123 million.

While the expenses decreased in 2022, Rs 35 million for travelling of 127 hours. The Prime Minister Imran Khan has always been in news and facing criticism on social media because of his choice of travelling. People criticize him for pointing out others while living too lavish life himself.

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 The Minister of Information and Broadcasting Maryam Aurangzeb had claimed that federal government lost Rs 984.35 million in Imran Khan’s helicopter expense and 472.36 million rupees were spent on helicopter expense. He just destroyed the economy of Pakistan to its worst level.

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