Gas Crises in twin cities

Gas Crises in twin cities

Shortage of gas has always been the biggest problem for twin cities, with the start of winter season low gas pressure or cut off of gas create a lot of problems for residents of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

The low pressure of gas in morning and evening hours force citizens to buy breakfast and dinner from hotels, which is out of their budget and also an unhealthy option for residents. This unavailability of gas increases the problems of commercial users as well.

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Issues faced by gas consumers

A large number of families started using cylinders, compressors, electric stove which is risky as well as an extra burden to pockets of middle class families. Along with domestic consumers, commercial users of restaurants, hotels and tandoor are also facing serious issues because of gas shortage. They are also using alternate to run their business.

The food prices also increased and shopkeepers say that they are forced to increase the prices to share their expense burden with customers. Residential consumers are complaining about increasing health issues because of eating unhygienic food from markets. Working ladies are complaining that low gas pressure make it difficult to make breakfast on time which disturb office routine daily.

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One of other resident from G9/1 sector Islamabad reported that my mother is arthritis patient and doctor advised to use heater in room 24/7 but we are unable to use heater because of gas shortage. Cylinders are compressors in room are totally unsafe and we need government attention towards this issue.

Government should provide alternative and pay their concern towards this issue to solve the problems of gas shortage for twin cities residential as well commercial users.

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