Girl being raped for eight months in Muzaffargarh

Girl being raped for eight months in Muzaffargarh

A thirteen year old minor girl was continuously gang raped in Jatoi tehsil of Muzaffargarh. Police reported that three rapists blackmailed the girl with her naked videos and photos. One of the criminal is arrested by police while two are in search.

According to the police report, one of the gang members took the girl in sugar cane fields where three of them raped her and recorded the video. They used this video to blackmail the girl for next eight months and raped her.

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FIR against criminals

After the girl’s pregnancy was discovered by her family, they immediately reported it to district police and registered FIR against the three suspects. The girl’s family requested CM Pervez Elahi for taking strict action against the culprits. Police and PRO Waseem khan reported that police are busy in investigating the matter and searching for remaining two gang members.

More than 50 cases are reported from Muzaffargarh from past 6 months, strict action should be taken against the culprits to stop this abusive act. In the law of Pakistan, punishment for rape is either death penalty or life imprisonment but unfortunately there is still no stop to this crime.

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One of the reasons that this vulgar crime did not stopped yet is victim blaming, people start blaming victims and saying that victim should stop going to places where unpleasant occurrence of this crime can be possible. Victim blaming cause instant increase in crime and people start saying that this is surely the mistake of victim, he or she should not go there, should not wear such clothes, this will totally disturb the mental health of victim and give more power to culprit.

We need to aware our nation on stop victim blaming and start taking action against such criminals

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