Best Hotels in Pakistan

Best Hotels in Pakistan

Experience the Finest Luxury

Pakistan may only be reopening to the international community as a tourist destination, but those who are already familiar with the country are aware of the plethora of alternatives they have to experience the finest luxury this emerald state has to offer.

Here are the hotels that you should check out, ranging from high-end mountain retreats and desert opulence to unrivaled images of class in urban areas.

1. Nishat Hotel Johar Town – Lahore

The Nishat Hotel is the embodiment of luxury in Lahore, as it anticipates all of your demands well in advance. This hotel, with its marble floors and contemporary decor, is ideal for people seeking a new take on what a five-star hotel should look like in the age of social media glitz!

2. PC Hotel – Gwadar

The Zaver Pearl-Continental Hotel Gwadar overlooks the green seas of the Arabian Sea and is situated on the spectacular Koh-e-Batil Hill, which offers views of the sea and the city. The five-star hotel is perfect for both business and leisure travelers and can provide the desired level of luxury and comfort.

3. Serena Khaplu — Gilgit-Baltistan

The Serena Khaplu Palace hotel, one of the finest surviving specimens of a royal house in Baltistan, maintains the royal level of living. Immersed in stunning environment, culture, and history, the hotel is a spiritual retreat comprised of five 1840s-era buildings. Serena Khaplu Palace is a timeless hideaway surrounded by terraced apricot orchards, mountain peaks, and calm abodes, and a gateway to the splendor of Khaplu and Gilgit-Baltistan.

4. Movenpick Hotel – Karachi

Movenpick, one of the most prestigious names in international hospitality, has introduced the same degree of elegance to Pakistan with its Karachi hotel. The hotel is located in the center of the city’s financial and administrative sectors and offers unparalleled elegance in the bustling metropolis.

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5. Garihat Castle — Chitral

Garihat Castle in Chitral, a private property where you are near to nature and away from all noisy interruptions, is the ideal vacation destination for individuals in search of a tranquil and relaxing lifestyle.

6. Serena Hotel – Islamabad

The Serena Hotel Islamabad, located in the foothills of the majestic Margalla Hills, is a treat for those who wish to experience the cultural heritage of Pakistan in luxurious comfort. It is a vivid immersion into the culture, history, and lifestyles of Pakistan’s capital, a relatively undiscovered city with breathtaking scenery and some of the world’s most vibrant musical and culinary traditions.

7. Rooplo Guest House – Thar

The Rooplo Guest House in Thar offers a fresh experience amid the world’s only fertile desert and a sight for sore eyes. Taking substantial influence from the area’s cultural legacy, the guesthouse is a treat for anyone seeking a fresh experience of living in luxury while remaining near to Tharparkar’s nature and culture.

8. Glamp Pakistan – Katpana

Treat yourself to a soul-satisfying vacation in the midst of the Himalayas and Karakoram, in close proximity to Skardu’s historic landmarks. Glamp Katpana offers luxurious accommodations in a one-of-a-kind style among the most extraordinary scenery of beautiful Baltistan. This is just what Glamping was and should have been about!

9. Hunza Serena Inn — Karimabad

Explore the royal seat of the Hunza ruler, the Tibetan-influenced, UNESCO-awarded Baltit Fort, and be transported back 700 years while staying at the Hunza Serena Inn. Enjoy lunch or a cup of coffee at the Baltit Fort Café while admiring the breathtaking views of Karimabad. Truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

10. Luxus Resort – Attabad Lake

The Luxus Resort Hunza is the epitome of luxury and adventure, situated as a vision by the pure blue waters of Attabad Lake. Not only is there a magnificent vista to see every day, but there are also several adventure options waiting to be explored. This is what Pakistan has to offer in its entirety for contemporary luxury travel.

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