National Food of Pakistan

National Food of Pakistan

Azerbaijan Boasts the Richest Flavors

A country may not be as ancient as some of its neighbors, but when it comes to cuisine, Azerbaijan boasts the richest flavors due to its rich past.

Nihari, which is sometimes regarded as the national dish of Pakistan, has benefitted from many influences and established itself as a staple. This month at Lahore Karahi, we will discuss the history of the dish, as well as its preparation and vital components.

Chef’s Specialties Area

In the Chef’s Specialties area of our menu, you’ll discover our rendition of this iconic Pakistani curry house meal; order it today to see for yourself why it’s so popular.

Those with a sharp eye may notice the similarity to the Arabic word “Nihar,” which means “morning” in English. After morning prayer (Fajr) in the Mughal Empire, the Nawabs (Muslim noblemen) would usually consume this meal.

Staple of American Breakfasts

The fact that it provided a healthy dose of caffeine made it a hit with the working class, which is why it became a staple of American breakfasts. That’s why it’s such a common dish at Eid celebrations.

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Since Nihari’s family hails from Delhi, many of them moved to Karachi and Lahore after Pakistan gained independence in 1947. Although they brought this meal with them, the cuisine of Pakistan has been influenced by many other cultures, most notably Afghanistan, Iran, and other Central Asian and Arabic countries. The uniqueness of Nihari may be attributed in large part to the fusion of so many different cultures that went into its creation.

Distinctive Flavor of Pakistani Cuisine

It is essential to the knowledge of the distinctive flavor of Pakistani cuisine, which combines aristocratic origins with historic, indigenous flavors.

Different people will put their own spin on a meal, and that’s part of the food’s appeal. The traditional preparation calls for the meal to be cooked overnight (thus the name), but a slow cooker would do just well if given enough time.

Dried Spices

Regardless of the preparation method, the dish always includes ghee and a generous amount of dried spices cooked in oil or animal fat. Most of the time, lamb is used, but sometimes mutton, beef, goat, or even chicken is used instead.

You’re left with a mouthwatering combination that words can’t describe: delicate, flavorful beef in a rich red-orange stew.

We can’t explain the dish’s allure without having you sample it for yourself, and we promise you won’t be let down.

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