UN to fix Global food system

UN to fix Global food system

In Rome, a crucial three-day United Nations summit commenced with the aim of addressing the pressing issues in the global food system. The current state of affairs is deeply troubling, with millions of people suffering from starvation, while a staggering two billion individuals are grappling with obesity and being overweight.

The consequences of this broken food system are not just affecting human lives but also taking a toll on the health of our planet.

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He emphasized that the global food systems are in dire need of repair, and the consequences of inaction are being borne by billions of people worldwide.

Over 780 million people suffer from hunger, while approximately one-third of the world’s food is wasted or lost.

Furthermore, the situation is critical, as 462 million people are underweight, and yet two billion are facing issues related to obesity. This summit brings together representatives from the UN’s three food agencies based in Rome.

Revamping the food systems is an intricate task, involving multiple sectors and factors, such as urbanization, climate change, technological advancements, and government policies.

Covid-19 impact on Food Chain

Recent events, including weather shocks, the COVID-19 pandemic, and conflicts like the war in Ukraine, have contributed to a rise in the number of people suffering from hunger, increasing by 122 million since 2019, as reported by the WFP.

A critical concern is Russia’s withdrawal from a significant grain deal, affecting the shipment of Ukrainian grain from Black Sea ports.

This decision has serious implications for global food security, particularly impacting vulnerable populations. Urgent action is needed to address this issue.

To achieve this, at least $500 billion annually is needed to provide long-term financing to support the development of more efficient and sustainable food systems.

Over the course of three days, participating countries will evaluate progress made in meeting previous commitments while identifying obstacles that hinder progress.

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Addressing the pressing issues in the global food system requires collective efforts and substantial financial backing to create sustainable and equitable solutions.

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