Army to get country out of crises

Army to get country out of crises

Pakistan Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Asim Munir Bajwa says that it has been decided to get Pakistan out of the crisis. While addressing the inauguration ceremony of Khanewal Model Agricultural Farm, the Army Chief said that armed forces are proud to serve the nation.

He added that the Army is from the people and the people from the Army, and it has been decided that Pakistan will be taken out of crisis soon.

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Pakistanis are a proud and talented nation and through the untiring efforts, the nation will throw away the begging bowl. The COAS referred to natural resources of country saying, Allah Almighty blessed Pakistan with all the blessings and no power in the world can stop the country from developing.

Green Pakistan Initiative

The COAS addressed the public about the recent initiative of Green Pakistan as the country and its people are keen to achieve the destination of agricultural revolution and model farms will be established in the whole country.

He added that State is like a mother and relationship between State and its people is just like mother and son. National security and economic reforms are the most important things that should be respected by every citizen.

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Under the initiative of Green Pakistan, smart agricultural practices and latest machinery will be introduced for reducing the cost of production and inspiring local farmers to also adopt good agriculture practices.

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