Ban on Production of traditional fans

Ban on Production of traditional fans

Along with all the other crises, Pakistan is also having shortage of power and electricity. In this concern, government of Pakistan decided to put a ban on production and purchasing of traditional fans from July this year. Citizens are directed to use conventional fans in their houses to save more electricity.

This decision has been taken under the project of energy conversation plan of Pakistan on recommendation of Ministry of Science and Technology. Ministry reported that a statutory Order will be issued in this regard soon.

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Production of low energy consuming fans

According to the media reports, National Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (NEECA) is ordered to make sure the production of low energy-consuming fans that will require power of 80 watts which is quite less than traditional fans’ power in use nowadays.

The Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority is also directed to review the national standards of production of fans and other electronic items. According to the details the production and purchasing of fans which consume less than 80 watts of energy will be allowed.

Fans under AC category will only be manufactured and purchased on consuming less than 45-50 watts on electricity. Along with production and purchasing of low energy conversation fans, low energy consuming bulbs are also under manufacturing.

National Energy Efficiency and Conversation Authority is also working on affordable prices for conventional fans, it would be available for public on installments and easy cost rates, half of the cost will be recovered through monthly electricity bills.

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The power and standards of these electric appliances will be monitor by NEECA and Power Division to make sure that they are consuming less energy and safe to use on daily basis. Power Division also compiled the list of electrical appliances with 90% less energy efficiency.

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