Expert Group Formation for Clean Energy Partnership between UAE & US

Expert Group Formation for Clean Energy Partnership between UAE & US

In a briefing for business and climate leaders in Abu Dhabi, the officials of US and UAE announced the expert group formation for governing Partnership for Clean Energy. The bilateral group between both countries will include Minister of Industry and Advanced Technology, UAE special Envoy for Climate change, US Co-Chair Amos Hochstein, US Special Presidential coordinator, and other private sector representatives.

Partnership for Clean Energy was launched in November 2022, fixing $100 billion in investment and support for the goal of 100 giga watt (GW) clean energy. This partnership is covering a wide range of new technologies and will reach to developed and developing economies of world.

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Bilateral Relationship between UAE & US

The UAE and US are very close friends and strong allies, sharing common interests in a lot of factors. The UAE and US often work together in promoting regional security, maintaining Economic prosperity, and helping each other on global challenges.

Both the countries are working together on trade, healthcare, arts, security and climate change, this bilateral partnership is helping the world leading states in building better future.

The UAE and US share a common vision of future in upcoming global challenges on diversity, educational advancement and climate changes.

UAE Co-Chair Dr Sultan Al Jaber said that UAE, one of the world leading renewable energy investor is now ready to join hands with US under PACE to change the history of energy transition, and enhance energy security. He said that this project will help in dealing with upcoming climatic challenges.

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He further added that this is the perfect time to invest in production of clean energy that will be helpful for US, UAE and all other economies of the world. In this business setup where the entire international; communities are ready to cooperate in Global Climatic Progress at COP28; we are announcing are bilateral partnership with US in this project.

US Co-Chair Amos said that the United States and United Arab Emirates are sharing strong bilateral partnership with each other and this collaboration will help both the countries in production of clean energy.

We are happy to work with UAE in innovation of clean energy. This formation of expert group under PACE will create impactful changes at COP28 and world forums.

The Expert Group Motive

The members of expert group will specifically work on guidance of four strategic plans of PACE:

  • Clean Energy Innovation, Deployment and Supply Chains
  • Carbon and Methane Management
  • Nuclear Energy
  • Industrial and Transport Decarbonization.

The Co-Chairs of both countries will lead the expert group on monthly basis to keep track of impact and success of expert group for PACE.

US Climate envoy, John Kerry also shared his views saying that he has high expectations of UAE to work good in energy transition project, when it hosted the United Nations Climate conference COP 28. He said that it is the best place to lead the world in dealing with climatic challenges.

He added that UAE knows the importance of future climatic changes and preparing for it, together we will meet the crises and protect our citizens and build a progressive economy for future.

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The UAE is supporting and leading clean energy projects in six other continents including 31 small sites in Pacific and Caribbean Ocean.

This is the true sign that UAE and US cooperation on renewable clean energy resources is helping protect ecosystems and preserve the planet for facing future challenges.

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