UAE’s Revolution Against Plastic Pollution

UAE Revolution against plastic pollution

The UAE started a revolution against Plastic pollution, by a nationwide ban on single use of plastic bags implementing from January 1, 2024 reported by Emirates News Agency. According to the report UAE will ban the use of plastic shopping bags and limit the nation to avoid single use of plastic products.

The UAE government started this campaign for cleaning UAE from any kind of plastic pollution. At the first step citizens are directed to use plastic products more than one time before disposing off. At further steps the use of any kind of plastic bags will be ban from next year.

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The UAE aim to clean the state from plastic pollution and main priorities for this pollution free UAE plan includes:

  • Limiting single use of plastic bags at initial step. The products for avoiding single use includes, plastic cups plastic bottles, plates, food boxes made of plastic, forks and spoons.
  • UAE plastic manufacturer departments will regulate and balance the production and distribution of plastic products.
  • UAE will stop importing plastic products from January 2026 as the next step against plastic pollution.

Relief in Plastic Ban measures

The decision of Ban single use of Plastic is directed under the Ministerial Resolution No. 380 of 2022, explaining all the awareness points to save country’s environment from plastic pollution. The guide report in this measure allowed exception for certain products usage.

The products excluded from this decision are rolls of thin plastic bags and will be used according to safety measures guided by Ministry of Climate change and Environment. The ban also include the point that products made from recycled plastic materials are also banned for any kind of usage or trade.

This pollution free resolution implemented by UAE ordered all the manufacturers, stake holders, citizens to avoid using plastic materials whether it is in plastic packaging of food, imported products, plastic bottles, plastic shopping bags even balloons material.

The concerned authorities ordered citizens, market owners, to promote awareness against plastic pollution and making sure that everyone should consume multi use products and multi-use products should be available on all the retail shops on permanent basis.

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UAE Climate Goal By 2050

UAE is working for development and use of renewable energy resources for meeting the challenges of climatic change. The government of UAE is working on controlling the effects of climate changes. The goal of UAE is to make the emirates first Middle East and North Africa nation to protect country from this climate change by 2050.

The development and use of clean energy sources, reducing greenhouse rays emissions, and production of clean energy will lead to liveable climatic environment in UAE. For this project to get success, UAE implemented the use of low carbon technologies and renewable energy resources.  

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