Clean Air to Healthy life

Clean Air to Healthy life

Pakistanis are exposed to dangerous air pollution at indoor and outdoor both level, increasing the chances of heart diseases, lung cancer, respiratory infections and many skin diseases. The health experts refers that these diseases are non-communicable but cannot be properly cured by medicines. Only the eliminating of causing factor can cure the disease.

A recent study conducted in Aga Khan University claimed that an average of 1000 people suffers from stroke daily, out of them 400 people dies. The researchers suggest the limiting the air pollution in Pakistan can safe almost 30% of people from stroke every day. Yet the Pakistani government is not even listing air pollution as risk factor.

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Causes of air pollution

Air pollution is caused when amount of certain gases and chemicals goes up in environment and react with each other. These chemical gases in air can cause a really bad impact on our health. These chemicals can come from erupted volcano, dust, pollen from plants, gases released from automobiles and motor bikes.

The presence of ozone layer can also cause air pollution, it is the gas present due to greenhouse effect, and it can be both good and bad for health depends on where it is present. Ozone gas present on ground level is produced when sunlight reacts with the gases and it produces smog, which is really dangerous for health. 

The amount of gases emitted from automobile, vehicles also pollute the environment to a very high level. Ammonia gas when released in air from agricultural activities can also cause air pollution to a high level.

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Air pollution control

Clean air is difficult but a useful secret weapon to healthy life and sustainable growth of a country. Government of Pakistan should develop a committee to reduce air pollution on a high level.

The committee should aware the local public about clean air, and make them responsible for their part in causing and controlling air pollution. Fine should be fixed for one driving the vehicles causing air pollution. Developing pollution tax strategies in which the industries holders are obliged to pay tax on the amount of air pollution they create.

Living in pollution free environment is the basic right of every citizen and preventing air pollution is also the major responsibility of every citizen to live a healthy life.

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