End to Quarantine for foreigners

End to Quarantine for foreigners

After three years of isolation, china finally lifted quarantine rules for local and international travellers in the country. After opening the travel ban in china, more than 400, 000 people are ready to travel in china in the coming weeks.

Last month, china planned a zero COVID plan in Beijing that caused strict lock down and punishments on breaking the quarantine rules, this caused mental disturbance among the residents of china as well as the migrants living in china for study, work or travel purpose. The quarantine caused a serious loss to world leading economy and nation started protesting against the rule. But putting quarantine resulted in zero COVID in china.

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Travel plans after Quarantine uplifting

At Shanghai airport, the travellers seems really happy and excited for lifting quarantine ban, one of the traveller named Pang told that I think it’s really good that the policy has changed now and people are free to move anywhere they want.

According to popular travel websites almost half of travel plans are booked by Chinese after the announcement of isolation removal in china. This led to mandatory covid tests in other countries especially for travellers coming from china.

After the uplifting of quarantine ban, a lot of Chinese people also started travelling to countryside to visit their relative after a long. Beijing report of zero COVID also faced criticism on weibo-twitter like app, people saying that it is not possible, and offending doctors and experts on this situation. More than 1,120 accounts are banned after reporting against doctors and researchers.

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Well after the uplifting of quarantine people are very happy and greeting their friends coming to China and some are excited to travel the world after this strict isolation.

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