Uzbekistan to Pakistan Railway Track

Uzbekistan to Pakistan Railway Track

In trilateral working group meeting in Islamabad, Uzbekistan shared its working plan for railway track from Uzbekistan to Pakistan. According to the plan, a 783 kilometers long railway track would be built from Mazar e Sharif to Torkham border. An estimated cost for completing this railway track is approximately $8 billion.

Almost eighty tunnels of 148 km are built in track, costing $4 million per kilometer in tunnels. It is also reported that track from Mazar Sharif to Torkham will be totally electric. The main aim of the project is to connect Pakistan with central Asian states. The railway ministry reported that this railway track will not only support trade between the countries but also connect people to people living in entire central Asian region.

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Countries involved in Railway track plan

The roadmap of this railway track is already signed by three countries, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Uzbekistan, it will also connect central Asian region with Arabian ports. The railway track will run from Mazar e Sharif via Kabul to Peshawar and a direct rail link between Pakistan and Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan.

This plan of railway track will connect nations and help improving the economy of all the nations. According to Central Asian Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC), the main railway track of about 25,000 kilometers will connect outside and inside of all the countries lies in between tracks.

The railway reforms help the states being landlocked and interlink the states by connecting with neighbor countries. The plan also explained the challenges faced by countries in trade and import export which cause difficulty in economic growth. This railway track will also help in trade, import export and local development of all the countries involved.

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In this era, where world is not less than a global village, people are connected to each other beyond the borders. The plan of railway track will prove to be very beneficial for Uzbekistan, Pakistan and Afghanistan and will help the countries in growing economy and have friendly relations in future.  

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