Woman dead body recovered from Sea view Karachi

Woman dead body recovered from Sea view Karachi

On Saturday, rescue and police workers started searching for 23 year old Sarah Malik; an FIR was registered by her father when she went missing. After the investigation police found out that victim was sexually assaulted by her employee and jumped into sea.

Police on Sunday recovered the dead body of woman from sea view and arrested her employee according to SSP Police, Syed Asad Raza.  According to police report, Sarah was a veterinary hospital worker who jumped into sea after continues sexual harassment by an employee.

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Initial investigation results

After the result of initial investigation, it is reported that the victim was sexually harassed by the owner of hospital she worked at, a case was registered after the application of deceased father. The police raided the concerned hospital and arrested the owner of hospital with two other suspects. Tissue, hair and some other sensitive things were recovered from owner’s room.

According to FIR, article 365 kidnapping and abducting secretly, article 34 of Pakistan penal code 1860, acts done by several persons for the same intention, has been registered by the police. The Defence housing management and edhi foundation helped police in recovering the dead body from sea view.

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According to initial investigation by police, the hospital owner admitted that he had two year relationship with the girl and after sexual harassment she committed suicide. The CCTV footage showed that the girl was dropped in front of hospital by one of her friend who is also under investigation. The call records of girl shows that she had her last call with her mother before committing suicide.

Police is investigating the case further and making sure that real culprits will be in jail soon.

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