Emirates Mobile Clinics: A New Humanitarian Mission in Pakistan

Emirates Mobile Clinics

Emirates Mobile Clinics

The Emirates Mobile Clinics have started a new humanitarian mission in Pakistani villages and provide diagnostic, treatment and preventive services for heart patients, including children, women and the elderly, within the framework of Zayed’s global humanitarian campaigns, as part of the humanitarian efforts undertaken by the state in Pakistan, to alleviate the suffering of the population and to deliver primary and specialized health care to various villages. 

Secretary-General of the Sharjah Charity House Foundation

Sultan Al-Khayal, Secretary-General of the Sharjah Charity House Foundation, said that Emirati doctors provided their treatment and preventive services to heart patients, including children, women and the elderly, through mobile medical buses equipped with an early detection unit, a unit for specialized clinics, a heart examination unit with sonar, an advanced laboratory unit, in addition to a pharmacy.

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Pakistani Dr. Mumtaz Al Balushi

The supervisor of the medical team, Pakistani Dr. Mumtaz Al Balushi, said that the Emirates mobile clinics provide free health services and have succeeded in saving the lives of many patients who live in remote areas. He explained that what distinguishes the mobile clinics is their ability to reach remote places, explaining that patients who are not able to reach suffer greatly.

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