5 Cheapest Restaurants in Pakistan

5 Cheapest Restaurants in Pakistan

Local and International Tourists

Lahore embraces street cuisine like no other city and gives local and international tourists with unmatched experiences.

Lahore, the provincial capital of Punjab, is also a popular destination for foodies, since it offers mouth-watering cuisine at affordable prices.

Eat Good Cuisine at Inexpensive Price

Whether a college student, an employee, or a business owner, the ambition of every foodie is to eat good cuisine at an inexpensive price.

There are a multitude of eateries in Lahore that serve delicious meals without breaking the pocket. From the scent of mutton karahi to the allure of fast food, this city offers a range of sensations that will make you fall in love.

1. Lahore Chatkhara

Lahore Chatkhara is located in DHA, and the majority of the time, the space is occupied by the local foodies, mainly students. This restaurant is a blend of the atmosphere and the flavor.

Lahore Chatkhara offers a diverse selection of charts, paratha rolls, Afghani, and Pakistani dishes, in addition to fast food and other international cuisines. This cozy spot will make your day better by providing you with a delicious breakfast Thali along with some Lassi.

2. Veera 5

If you’re planning a trip to Lahore, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to check out Veera 5, which can be found in DHA.

The Veera 5 is a restaurant that serves traditional Chinese and Thai cuisine and has a very appealing atmosphere thanks to the use of contemporary wooden furnishings.

Both the Bang Bang Prawns and the Classic Chicken Manchurian are considered to be Veera 5’s signature dishes. Here you will find both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, and we are confident that you will become one of their most loyal customers.

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3. Johnny and Jugnu

There are two locations of Johnny and Jugnu in Lahore, and each of them are fantastic in their own right.

They provide reasonably priced, high-quality fast cuisine that won’t put a dent in your wallet. Burgers and wraps made at these locations have made them renowned.

Even though they have a restricted menu, they are still able to focus on providing high-quality cuisine, which has contributed to their restaurant’s widespread popularity among students. They assert that they use the “best sauce,” and we want you to verify this claim by going to Johnny and Jugnu’s restaurant.

4. Sarak pe Karak

It is well worth your time to stop by a Lahore establishment that serves tea and snacks in the guise of a roadside dhaba. Along with a number of different kinds of tea, Sarak pe Karak also serves a selection of popular street foods including shami burgers, anda burgers, and more.

They have designed a truck in the shape of a kitchen and painted it with art that is typical of Pakistani trucks. Because you and your friends may play Ludo there, the location is rather popular among Lahoris as a hangout area.

Therefore, if you happen to be in the neighborhood of Model Town, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to sample some karak chai at this establishment.

5. Awesamosas

You can find Awesamosas at the CSD Mall, and it is the ideal location for spending quality time with your loved ones and close companions.

All of the products on their menu, from samosas to an assortment of chaats to tea and other beverages, are based on traditional street foods from the area. There is a selection of burgers available for you to pick from whenever you are in the mood for a snack in the evening, lunch, or supper.

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