Restaurant Authorities Rejected increase in Gas Prices

Restaurant Authorities Rejected increase in Gas Prices

The Restaurant Association of Rawalpindi rejected high prices of gas, increased to 74pc by government. They criticized the increase in prices saying that government is not helping the public to manage gas prices. In a joint meeting held in Islamabad, the restaurant authorities said that increase in gas prices will cause severe inflation in twin cities.

The president of joint action committee of All Pakistan Restaurant Association Chohdary Mohammad Farooq said that increase in prices of gas to 74pc was announced by Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA). The worst thing is that the oil and gas companies increased the prices really quickly without notifying.

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Loss due to increasing Gas prices

This sudden increase is causing loss for all food businesses in twin cities, and we are obliged to overcome our loss from customers. The government is not providing any ease in gas prices and we have shortage of gas which leads to increase in prices of food commodities.

He further added that Sui Southern Gas Pipelines Limited made fake promises to provide ease in issue of gas supply. In this situation, how a customer can pay amount of gas they consumed 6 months ago.

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The president said that countrywide protest would be held if the decision of increasing prices was not taken back. He requested the government and Minister of Petroleum Dr Mussadiq Malik to take action against OGRA for increasing in prices.

The residents of Rawalpindi and Islamabad are already facing shortage of gas and increase gas bills which is difficult for public to manage with normal income. Government should take step and help the public to deal with gas shortage crises and inflation.

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