Parental control tool on Tiktok

Parental control tool on Tiktok

Tiktok, a social media short video streaming website is the most common app used in the world. It has already faced a lot of controversies from past few months due to its high usage and content availability. Tiktok also introduced some features of content filtration but it is the first time in introducing parental control features.

Like YouTube, Tiktok also launched a new feature of parental control through which parents can control their kids from viewing content containing certain words or hashtags. They can also keep a check on what their kids are watching on Tiktok and can ban the content which is not good for their children.

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The app is the most widely used platform among young users, it has been banned by many governments including United states, Europe and Canada due to its privacy and data concerns. It also faced a lot of criticism for not having any protection shield from inappropiate content.

The new feature of parental control is the first step towards its betterment, the tool is specially design to involve parents, youth and civil society organization in order to overview the content and its availability for users of specific age.

Time limit for users

It is also mentioned in a blog by official Tiktok website that this tool will help the users to limit the amount of time they spend of app. Account associated with users under the age of 18 will automatically limit the time to one hour per day. This will automatically reduce the time and specialize the content for users.

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Teens will not be allow to remove the daily limit and scroll Tiktok for more than 100 minutes a day, the app will display a prompt of encouraging to set a time limit. The company also said that parents will be able to control the time limits per days of the week and complete content filtration will be available for parents on the app.

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