One year jail on hitting wife live on Tiktok

One year jail on hitting wife live on Tiktok

A Spanish man jailed for one year because of domestic violence and raising hand on woman. He slapped his wife while making a Tiktok video livestream where thousands of people were watching the video. His wife declined to file a complaint against him but still court took the action and punished the man.

Court found the man guilty of violence domestic violence and abusing his wife, punishing him to stay 1000 feet away from his wife or communicating with her for next three years. The incident came out during the viral Tiktok trend “Battle” a real time competition between streamers.

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The man assaulted his wife publicly in front of thousands of people, the slap was so hard that woman’s head turns and she started crying. The violence was in aim of undermining her physical integrity and humiliating her in public. The court decided that there is no need of any complaint by victim in case of violence crimes. He has been seen slapping her in front od many people.

Gender violence crimes

The court added that broadcasting the slap live in front of many people is enough evidence to take action against him. This is a serious crime of gender based violence whether the victim complaint it or not. During the trial woman rejected to take stand against her husband and not to put any charges against him.

The court remarked that police has already been called several times in couple’s house due to conflict between husband and wife. This means that it was continuous mistreatment that the woman is facing and any law would never allow the accused to practice any kind of violence with the woman.

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All the members of Spanish government have also made the fight clear against domestic or gender violence. Special courts and free legal help for domestic violence victims would also approved in 2004 as first law to work against gender-based violence in country. A helpline would also appear on users phone bills in case of any emergency or any violence incident.

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