Outdoor Volcano display in Islamabad

Outdoor Volcano display in Islamabad

The Pakistan Museum for Natural History (PMNH) decided to educate people about the natural history of Pakistan, in this regard they decided to construct the “Outdoor Volcano Display” in Islamabad surrounding area of Baluchitherium Model.

This project of volcano display aims to provide tourists all the information about process of volcanism in continents and oceans. According to the details provided by Pakistan Museum for Natural History, most of the volcanoes have steep sides but some of it can be gently sloping mountain and even flat plateaus.

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Importance of scientific history

Dr. Saima Huma Tanveer, Director General of PMNH told media that importance of volcanoes in natural history is a key mandate in educating the students and local citizens about importance of scientific history. It will also help the scientific researchers to do their work on volcanic reactions and process.

She further added that this project will make the scientific study interesting for students and make them aware about all the process going on in continents and oceans. It will also aware the general public about volcano eruptions and clear their concepts about this process.

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The Pakistan Science Foundation Chairman will inaugurate the Volcano Display project in March. The project already attracted a lot of students form different schools and universities. This unique spot will provide a full opportunity of tourism as well as source of knowledge for large number of people.

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