What is Karachi Master Plan 2047 ?

What is Karachi Master Plan 2047 ?

Karachi Master Plan 2047 has been designed to guide the development of city for the next 27 years. It will address the development in key areas like transportation, land use, environmental protection, building communities and economic development.

The details of plans is still unpublicized but it is expected that this Master plan will tackle upcoming challenges as well as past crises faced by Quaid’s city. The ongoing challenges of traffic congestion, inadequate housing, low water quality and air pollution of Karachi would be tackle by new and advanced strategies.

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The Master plan will help enhancing the quality of life, and bring positive changes to city. Master plan 2047 will provide the understanding of current reality of city through blue print presentation and scientific data.

A well designed plan with accurate information and analysis will help the community in implementation of plan to more broader ways. The plan will promote sustainable growth, support economic development, refine community identity and enhance the decision making.

Past successes and failures for Karachi

In the past seven master plans have been proposed for Karachi including two pre independence plans. Despite all the efforts the plans proved to be very challenging. To make The Master Plan 2047 detailed understanding of technical shortcomings, limited sources and urban community development should be needed.

In the past poor implementation, limited resources and lack of political will resulted in failures of mega plans. To make sure the success of future master plan, it is important to priorities the shortcomings and work on it with proper resources.
The citizens of Karachi are still not guided on details of upcoming master plan 2047. The work is underway but proper direction is still a mystery for common man. One of the main question that is arising in minds of citizens that project will be people-centric, involve city planners and environmental activists or it is just the work of government taking help from international workers.

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The Karachi Master Plan 2047 is still a hope to improve the lives of people living in city of lights. Every citizen is hoping that this plan seems to have potential to bring positive changes in city and enhancing the life quality for local citizen. However, the success of plan depends on effective implementation and proper data analysis with community participation.

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