Smart pigeons: New development of AI

Smart pigeons: New development of AI

Researchers from field of artificial intelligence worked deeply on inner workings of bird’s brain and founded a great secret that brute force that pigeons use to learn something is just as same as Artificial Intelligence.

Researchers from University of lowa discovered that pigeons learn thing same as the Artificial Intelligence robots. They conducted an experiment on different kinds of pigeons and discovered that pigeons rely on repetitive trial and error approach.

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Experiment on Pigeon’s stimulus

They tested the experiment on pigeon’s stimulus in which pigeons are categorized in different manners. The researchers showed different patterns of line, width and angles. Eventually the pigeons succeed in memorizing 70% of the data.

Professor Ed Wasserman from Psychology department of University of lowa said that we will witness the time when all the amazing wonders of artificial intelligence will dominate the human versions. It would be present for playing chess to creating any game. This artificial intelligence we tested is using the same system to what pigeons are using.

This system is usually known as associative learning where anyone can learn by seeing anything and humans usually rely on declarative learning. We humans don’t need to touch a hot stove to learn that it will hurt but associative learning is opposite.

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But soon people will be amazed by AI doing things using a algorithm. In this program researchers are using artificial algorithm used in Artificial intelligence but it is same as natural algorithm function of pigeons. 

In this study scientists are working on computers to go beyond pigeons in their enormous memory and storage capacity. It will allow computer to store and work on as more information than a pigeon’s brain can do.

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