Big attack on Karachi

Big attack on Karachi

Few weeks after the devastating attack on Peshawar mosque, Karachi also faced a deadly attack on Police Office. Terrorists raided the key office of Karachi police located at Sharah e Faisal putting up a question mark on the security plans of forces. Security experts already estimated that after KP other provinces are on attack of TTP but still they didn’t take any safety measures.

This deadly attack reminds past painful events of attacks on security forces including the Karachi airport attack and 2011 Mehran Base attack. The TTP violence has been increasing for past few months, last week attack on CTD personnel in the Kalabagh area, while a few weeks earlier attack on a police station in Mianwali.

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Attack on most sensitive area of Karachi

TTP militants attacked the most sensitive area of the city where several offices of the military, police, and other security forces are located. Police, rangers and army has been called from the entire city for strong security and it puts as question mark on safety of one of biggest city off Pakistan. If one attack from militant group can cause this much fear then what people will feel about more attacks.

This is the time for wakeup call for all the politicians who are busy in gaining power and leg pulling with each other and also for security forces who keeps reminding that all is well. Earlier, the Federal Interior Minister told media that we are having a keen eye on situation and militants don’t have any access beyond KP and Baluchistan.

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This statement shows that government and security forces are not keeping an eye on militants and they need to act now before more such attacks. Along with economic well-being leadership should focus on protecting the lives of citizens and providing them sense of security in their own country.

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