Female Drug dealer arrested from Karachi

Female Drug dealer arrested from Karachi

Female drug dealer Nadia arrested from Karachi, Kemari area, according to police 3kg of drug was recovered from her custody. In initial investigation, the drug dealer accepted that she supply drug in Kemari and other areas of Karachi. The sources of Karachi police said that they are raiding for arresting her more accomplices.

Earlier, the anti-narcotics force (ANF) also arrested three people from different areas and saved 39 kg drug to be distribute out. Shahbaz Ali and Humaira Naveed were arrested from Islamabad motorway toll plaza.

According to UN research, Pakistan has 6.7 million drug users from which almost 2 million are addicts. Use of cannabis and heroin is most common in Pakistan, most of the drug come to Pakistan from Afghanistan, the country which is responsible for 755 of world’s heroin.

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Province with highest Drug rate

The highest drug rate in Pakistan is in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, where 11 % of population is hooked on drugs mainly cannabis. The number of drug rate is increasing as per 40,000 each year. From all the drug users 78% are male and 22% are female.

The government of Pakistan and anti-narcotics force should work more efficiently to stop this harmful disease from Pakistan. There should be more rehabilitation centers in Pakistan to help people who are drug addicts and face difficulty in quitting this addiction.

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There should be awareness campaigns on social media to ware young generation about the harmful effects of drug addiction. The Pakistani government should make proper punishment laws for those who deal in drugs. The implementation of those laws should be make possible on every aspect.

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