Political disruption leading to Mental Health issues

Political disruption leading to Mental Health issues

According to Pakistan Association for Clinical psychologists (PACP) report, mental illness in young people is at higher risk because of outgoing political situation. According to the psychologist association, youngsters are most likely to involve in political discussions over social media.

Social media has provided public sphere to its users for participating and sharing their views over the internet with majority of people and when these young people involve themselves in political scenario. Pakistan is currently facing harsh political conflicts, dividing nation into many different groups.

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According to press statement from PACP President Prof Dr Nashi Khan told media that outgoing social circumstances inevitably lead to create mental disturbance in its people. The PACP expressed its worries about ongoing crises. They said that we are dealing with mental crises of youngsters but increasing political crises is continuously leading to depression in young people.

The PACP members argued that individuals nowadays make extreme thoughts regarding their political affiliation, which lead to conflict with each other, even friends and family members stop talking to each other because of political conflicts.

Role of political leaders

Political leaders also advise their followers to come out and discuss against other political leaders. The ongoing political conflict between government and opposition is continuously affecting the peace of country.  The conflict between political leaders is causing poverty, unemployment, and inflation in country which is also dangerous for mental health of public.

People get disturbed with political situation, inflation, unemployment, poverty and this disturbance result in suicide, violence and depression issues. It also increase hate between individuals.

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The PACP told that they deal with thousands of patients mentally who are just in depression because of societal problems. Many of them don’t even bother to have regular checkup and consulting a doctor. If the situation continues, it would lead to serious illness among our young population.

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