Young people are not interested in Casting Vote

Young people are not interested in Casting Vote

The recent reports after Karachi elections showed that people are no more interested in casting vote. People believed that late finalization of elections caused this lack of interest but young people are hopeless in casting vote. This is a threat to political parties who claimed to be youngsters’ favorite party.

The Assistant Presiding Officer, Jibran Nasir in UC 13 reported that the turnout of voting was very low, young people were not present for casting vote, only the few who were coming with their parents casted vote. We can say that percentage of young people fort voting was just 20%.

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Decrease in vote casting

Another officer from UC-4 said that there were 35-40 pc of young people to cast vote but this time it was only 20 pc which is quite unsatisfactory. One of the youngster in an interview top local TV channel said that we have tried everyone and now no one is sensible in my thoughts so it’s better to not waste my vote for these political parties.

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This lack of interest is a serious threat for parties like PTI who claim to be young people’s party. One of the young girl who came with her parents, in Hyderabad polling station, said that I have casted my vote last time but didn’t noticed any change in situation so its waste of time to cast vote to same parties.

This seems to be not only reason for youth’s lack of interest but some of the youngsters feel that the results are already decided that who will win, so casting vote3 is just a waste of time for people.

One of the residents of Naya Nazimabad said that I have been hearing that PPP will win these elections so why would I waste my petrol and travel miles to cast vote.

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