How to Make Friends and Have Influence

How to Win Friends and Influence People

How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie, in a succinct and unadorned summary. 

Methods for Managing People 

  • Don’t be critical, condemning, or whiny. 
  • Express your real and sincere gratitude. 
  • create an intense desire in the other person. 
  • There are six techniques to win someone over. 
  • really show an interest in other people. 
  • Smile. 
  • Keep in mind that a person’s name is the sweetest and most significant sound in any language to that individual. 
  • Take time to listen. Encourage others to share their stories. 
  • Discuss the interests of the other individual. 
  • Give the other individual a genuine sense of importance. 
  • Win People Over to Your Point of View 
  • Avoiding arguments is the only way to receive the best results from them. 
  • Respect the other person’s viewpoints. Never say “You’re incorrect” out loud. 
  • If you are mistaken, say so right away and forcefully. 
  • Begin by being cordial. 
  • Get the other person to agree right away. 
  • Give the other person a lot of the talking to do. 
  • Allow the other person to feel as though the concept is their own. 
  • Consider things from the perspective of the other party, if possible. 
  • Be understanding of the thoughts and aspirations of others. 
  • Invoke your nobler intentions. 
  • Make your points dramatic. 
  • Set a test before the audience
  • How to Change People Without Offending Them or Creating Resentment 
  • Start off with sincere kudos and thanks. 
  • indirectly draw attention to other people’s errors. 
  • Before you criticise someone else, discuss your own errors. 
  • Instead than giving directions directly, pose inquiries. 
  • Leave the other person’s face intact. 
  • Praise every improvement, no matter how small it may be. “Be liberal in your praise and hearty in your acclaim,” the Bible says. 
  • Give the other individual a good name to uphold. 
  • Encourage people. Make it appear simple to fix the issue.

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