Govt’s Subsidised Flour Out of People’s Reach in Karachi

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Cost-Effective Flour

According to flour millers, the much-touted province government’s decision to offer 10-kg flour bags at Rs650, or Rs65 per kg, only serves half of the population of the mega city; the other half must purchase cost-effective flour at Rs120 per kilogramme. 

While the product is unavailable at stores and markets, Millers are selling 120,000 bags of 10 kgs every day at various locations in around 200 cars holding 600 bags each. 

However, the price of another sort of flour, No. 2.5, which is somewhat superior to the fine flour delivered by trucks and produced by wheat millers, has been decreased by Rs 6 per kg. 

Bake Parlor and Ashrafi

At retail locations, some branded fine flour, such Bake Parlor and Ashrafi, still costs Rs120 per kg. 

Chairman of the Pakistan Flour Mills Association (PFMA), Aamir Abdullah, stated: “I can state with authority that 50% of Karachi’s population is currently receiving inexpensive flour thanks to the Sindh government’s provision of cheaper wheat to the millers. It is mostly utilised in households.”

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He claimed that brand-name fine flour cost more since it had to be made with wheat that was bought on the open market for Rs8,750 for a bag weighing 100 kg. 

Provincial Government’s Low-Cost Flour

In the past, the provincial government’s low-cost flour promotions had typically drawn hoarders and market vendors looking to make quick cash. 

Five to six members of a family, including women, were observed lifting flour in quantity due to the lack of any restrictions or requirements on the requirement to provide computerised national identity cards (CNICs) before purchasing. Hoarders, market mafias, and retailers cannot be evaluated by flour millers using any standard. 

Additionally, many quality-conscious consumers who preferred to spend more money on expensive, branded flour rather than inexpensive flour had also been troubled by the quality problems with flour. 

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