Is Tabish Hashmi Coming Into Politics?

Is Tabish Hashmi Coming Into Politics?

Tabish Hashmi Joining Politics

Pakistani host & comedian Tabish Hashmi has declared in a recent interview on a YouTube show Foodies Carpool, that he will join politics in the next 2-3 years.

Tabish noted that he enjoys challenges in life, and now that he has carved his own place in the media, he wishes to pursue a more serious career. He said that people put limitations on their career aspirations, but he doesn’t.

Stand-Up Comedy and Speeches

Since his college years in 2004, Tabish has been performing stand-up comedy and giving speeches, but it was after presenting the online programme TBH that he gained fame.

In an earlier interview, the comedian admitted that, in fact, Sharma stole a Pakistani idea and based his programme on it, not the other way around.

Hasna Mana Hai Was Comparable to Kapil’s Programme

Hashmi claimed that since the sets of both shows were modeled after locations that are similar to one other Lahore and New Delhi, it was simple for people to claim that “Hasna Mana Hai” was comparable to Kapil’s programme.

The comedian-turned-host shot back at his detractors, claiming that both the set’s premise and the kind of humor depicted on the programme were Pakistani concepts.

Kapil Had Appropriated Pakistan’s Idea

“Umar Sharif’s idea is this. This idea belongs to Amanullah. This is our idea,” declared Tabish, adding that no one had mentioned that Kapil had appropriated Pakistan’s idea since India had invested millions in it and had marketed the programme as their own.

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The comparison, according to Tabish, was unfair because his show airs three times a week with unscripted guests while Kapil’s show only airs once a week.

Tabish said he wants his fans to “remain by his side” despite the criticism because creating a show was a “long haul process.” He continued, “I won’t stop till ‘Hasna Mana Hai’ reaches its pinnacle like my last venture.”

Tabish Hashmi Moved Back to Pakistan

The comedian Tabish Hashmi, who recently moved back to Pakistan after residing in Canada, claimed that leaving his own country was an easy decision to make.

“Unfortunately, in Pakistan, being wealthy or from the upper middle class is insufficient. Additionally, you must be able to support your socioeconomic standing, added Tabish.

Tabish Hashmi’s Past Life

He added that while he had luxury like air conditioning and a car when he had previously lived in Karachi, he did not have the funds to maintain them.

The comedian-turned-host claimed that security concerns and a shortage of essentials also contributed to his choice.

Metropolis Like Karachi

“There was no safety or electricity. All of these items are necessary, particularly if you live in a metropolis like Karachi. 

This used to anger me because even though I paid taxes and followed the rules, I had to spend more money on even the most basic necessities, which led me to determine that I had to leave the country, he added.

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