Netflix to ban password sharing from March

Netflix to ban password sharing from March

Netflix is a streaming service that offers a wide range of award winning TV shows, movies, serials and seasons with monthly payment of fee according to country’s own currency. It is famous all around the world for best streaming service ever provided. It also allows users to share Netflix account with their siblings and friends but sad news for Netflix lovers is that Netflix announced to crackdown against password sharing from March.

Netflix in shareholder letter confirmed that sharing password crackdown could begin by the end of March. The specific date for banning is not revealed yet but it would begin in March. Netflix said that we would not ban password sharing in one household users but most of the time our customers use their account on broad level. They mostly share the account with their friends who are living far away.

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The Netflix decided to start crackdown of password sharing to ensure the quality service for all users. We are working hard to provide good service for our users with some new features. On additional level, the new features will include limited use of Netflix on one account, users would be able to check which devices are using their account. The Netflix updated feature would also allow users to transfer their profile to new account.

Netflix downfall year

Last year, Netflix started charging people for sharing their accounts and also introduced the new ad-supported account on lower price but there was no noticed change in password sharing culture. The company also lost a lot of subscribers last year that 2022 is considered as tough year for Netflix streaming.

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As compare to 2019-2021, because of COVID-19 people streamed a lot on Netflix and it subscribers increased to millions of times but 2022 doesn’t showed any output in subscribers. The company is now deciding to introduce new rules for streamers and the first phase of these rules include “no more password sharing”. Now people have to buy their own account for watching their favorite series on Netflix. There will be no more friend’s or sibling’s Netflix account on your devices.

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