School suspended five students in torture case

School suspended five students in torture case

A video came up in which some students form private schools were torturing their classmate, kicking her, punching her on face and abusing the victim. On FIR registered by victim’s father, a case was registered in Lahore high court and court ordered the schools authorities to form an investigation report in next 10 days.

Video shows our girls wrestling a victim girl on ground and kicking her as a punching bag. Lahore court granted a pre-arrest bail for students nominated in police FIR. A lot of celebrities and National Commission on rights of child has also taken notice of this incident, and demanded a clear investigation report from school education department.

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The initial investigation shows that victim is a student of class 8th and suspects are students of class 8th, 9th and 10th. It is also reported that suspects are accused of using drugs in school. While school administration issued a letter in which they stated that it is the first incident of its kind, since the school started 25 years ago. The management and inquiry team is investigating the issue and named three senior faculty members in inquiry team. They will be looking into matter seriously and submit a report in 10 days.

In the meantime, all the five students including victim is suspended from school. After the results of investigations serious disciplinary action would be taken against suspected students.

The FIR report

According to FIR registered on complaint of victim’s father Imran Younis, his daughter is student of Scarsdale International School in DHA, four girls from school attacked her daughter, grounded her by hair, sat on her back and abused here with physical violence. He reported that one of the girl knows boxing who kept on hitting her daughter continuously. He said that his daughter is traumatized after the incident.

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The FIR also report that, a gold chain and locket is also missing from his daughter. Imran Younis further added that, his daughter showed him a video of suspected students using drugs in school, which he sent to their parents. He demanded strict action against the students to stop any further incident of school bullying.

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