Imran Alleges Gill ‘Sexually Abused’, Urges PTI To Protest

Imran Alleges Gill ‘Sexually Abused’, Urges PTI To Protest

Sexually Abused & Tortured

Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan claimed that his close aide Shahbaz Gill was “sexually abused” and “tortured both mentally and physically” by investigators during the ongoing investigation against him for making “seditious remarks” after a court in the capital declined to hand over his custody to Islamabad police due to his precarious condition. 

In addition, Mr. Khan organised nationwide protests in support of his chief of staff, who is detained in connection with a sedition case, promising to pursue justice for the PTI leader presently receiving care at the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS). The PTI chief questioned who was in charge of torturing Mr. Gill since the capital police claimed they did not torture Shahbaz Gill. 

“There is a widespread belief among the general public and in our minds as to who may have committed the horrifying torture. Keep in mind that others will respond.” In his tweet, Mr. Khan stated, “We will stop at nothing to find those responsible and bring them to justice. 

Photographs and Videos Plainly Demonstrate

“All the photographs and videos plainly demonstrate that Gill was subjected to physical and mental torment, including sexual abuse, most of which are too graphic to describe. In order to demoralise him, he was humiliated. I now have complete, in-depth information,” tweeted the former prime minister. 

Mr. Khan urged members of his party to demonstrate against Mr. Gill’s imprisonment and alleged torture today in the federal capital and at all regional headquarters. The PTI chairman invited people to attend the march in order to demonstrate their opposition to torture. 

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Meanwhile, Fawad Chaudhry stated that the PTI “strongly denounced the worst sort of torture” on Mr. Gill in a video clip posted on the party’s official Twitter account. He added that throughout the federal capital and its regional offices, the PTI would organise a rally on Jinnah Avenue from China Chowk to F-9 Park. 

Imran Khan Will Address the Party Workers

Imran Khan will address the party workers at the rally’s park in Islamabad, according to Mr. Chaudhry, and the speech will be broadcast via video link to all regional offices. The PTI leader added that the party had obtained photographs and medical documents to support its accusations, which it had sent to the appropriate authorities. 

At an earlier press conference, PTI officials Babar Awan and Shahzad Wasim also claimed that Mr. Gill had been tortured and sexually abused. 

The PTI will not be permitted to organise a rally in the federal capital, according to the Islamabad administration, which also noted that Section 144 was in effect there. However, the PTI refused to follow the instructions, and Fawad Chaudhry said that the gathering will go on as scheduled.

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