Behind Closed Doors: Is There Really a Netflix Documentary on Corruption in Pakistan?

Netflix Documentary on Corruption

Netflix Documentary Investigating Corruption

There is no “Behind Closed Doors,” a Netflix documentary investigating corruption in Pakistan, contrary to popular rumours. 

According to rumours, the documentary “Behind Closed Doors” will be broadcast on Netflix, and a teaser for it is now making the rounds on social media. 

Flurry on Social Media in Pakistan

Last night, there was a flurry on social media in Pakistan and abroad due to a viral video that claimed Netflix was releasing a documentary about corruption in Pakistan and other nations that featured members of the Sharif family. 

Sharif Family

The “Behind Closed Doors” teaser, which included photographs of the Sharif family and details concerning corruption at the highest levels, was widely shared on social media, leading many to believe that the film was exclusively about Sharif’s corruption in Pakistan.

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The trailer soon went popular online as a result of PTI leaders and supporters quickly linking it to the Sharif family’s participation in corruption. 

No Official Confirmation of Netflix

A few journalists and newsmen objected, saying there was no official confirmation of the Netflix release of the documentary. None of them refuted the data offered in the trailer, though. 

Supporters of the PTI and journalists working for the party are disseminating a teaser for a documentary they claim would reveal the corruption of Imran Khan’s rivals. 

Shiffa Yousafzai Claimed

TV host Shiffa Yousafzai claimed that Netflix has yet to confirm that it is releasing the documentary an hour after uploading the trailer with the allegation. 

It also includes people like Arshad Sharif, a PTI-supporting journalist.

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