Jemima Khan’s film is releasing soon

Jemima Khan’s film is releasing soon

The ex-wife of Imran Khan, Jemima Khan is releasing a movie, “What’s love got to do with it?” It is a cross-cultural romantic comedy film trying to portray some positive side of Pakistani people. Jemima khan in an interview said that we have only seen the negative terrorism factors of Pakistan in our movies and dramas. In this film I have portrayed a lively side of Pakistani people which I experienced when I was in Pakistan.

She said that her biggest critiques are his kids, Qasim Khan and Suleman Khan. She said that they were never satisfied with her film production work, while she had shown this movie to her kids and at the end of film, they both were in tears. She further added that it doesn’t matter now that film get hit or not.

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Film is just for sake of showing some better side of Pakistan, and her biggest critiques just loved the movie which is far better enough for her.  She said that my kids are not rom-com lovers but the tears in their eyes just left me happy and satisfied. They are half-Pakistani Muslim kids so their opinion matters to me the most. At the end of film I heard them saying, “amma we are so proud of you”.

She said that I have worked really hard on the film, so if no one likes it, this is the moment I am proud of that my kids are satisfied with the film.

Idea behind the movie

Jemima Khan said that, the inspiration behind this movie is colorful, beautiful and joyful side of Pakistan, which is normally not shown in entertainment industry. We often see a scary side of Pakistan on western media but this show will show the lively side of Pakistan and its people.

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The film casted beautiful actress of Pakistani industry, Sajal Ali and Shabana Azmi from India, both are absolutely talented and wonderful ladies. She said that we have seen Pakistanis as baddies in Zero Dark Thirty and Homeland, but this film is totally different depicting a beautiful side of culture.

Jemima added that she have learnt a lot of things from Pakistani people but most frim of it was “Neeat”. The people of Pakistan believe on intention behind anything and I am hoping that they will understand my “Neeat” (intention) behind this project.

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