Interesting ways to slow the process of ageing

Interesting ways to slow the process of ageing

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When it comes to holding the ageing process and staying healthy for long, your mindset is the most important thing. A study reveals that feeling younger than your actual age can signify that your brain is ageing slower.

However, there is no fountain of youth. Even though we cannot evade the reality of ageing, we can still be aware of how we could treat our bodies in the process. The food we give our body as we get older is the defining way to treat ourselves.

Indeed, the first step to slow ageing is believing you can feel young regardless of age. According to studies, older adults have been working out more than people of other age groups during the pandemic.

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Even if you don’t have time for a complete workout session, just indulge in “fitness snacks” throughout your day. Reports say that simply sprinting up a few flights of stairs three times a day can be enough to boost health markers associated with overall longevity and improved cardiovascular health among a group of otherwise sedentary adults.

As long as you add a little pep to your step, a walk can keep you in high spirits and help in living longer.

A study in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings says that people who walk faster usually end up having more extended, more functional lives. These findings held up regardless of personal BMI. Maintaining a walking pace of about 100 steps each minute, or 3 miles per hour, can be all you need to feel younger and healthier.

Adding a new pup to your life can keep you feeling healthy, young, and refreshed in numerous ways. Owning a dog is linked to a longer lifespan. Moreover, research published in Scientific Reports says that dog owners are 33% less likely to pass away over 12 years.

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