European Commission banned Tiktok

European Commission banned Tiktok

The Europeon Spokesperson said that we have banned the use of Chinese owned social media video sharing app on all the staff owned devices and all the phone which have official apps installed. This step is taken to protect the security and data privacy from any kind of threat.

The spokesperson added that employees are notified to install the app as soon as possible. Deadline of removing the app from all devices is March 15. Tiktok is a video sharing platform used by millions of users for entertainment, infotainment and business purposes.

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It is a product of Chinese company ByteDance, which also faced criticism because of its data gain and access to private information to a huge level.

Last year ban in US

Last year United States also banned the app from all the federal and government owned devices, some lawmakers also tried to prohibit the whole US population to use tiktok in their phones. As they say that it disturbs the privacy concern of users.

Last month The Dutch government also advised public to stop using Tiktok because of the same concern. In November last year, a case was also disclosed reporting that some staff users can access the data of Europeon users easily.

The Chief Executive of Tiktok Shou Zi Chew also talked with Europeon officials during which they officialy warned the tiktok to ensure the privacy of data and do not acces any kind of data without permissio

Tiktok also promised to protect the privacy and hold US users data in United States allay, not in China which is far away from United states.

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With the advent of internet and social media, the concern of privacy and cyber threats are the most common issues faced by people at national and international levels. Every country should work on it to regulate more strict rules to protect the personal data and information from any kind of threat or misuse.

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