Six Business groups launched by Dubai Chamber

Six Business groups launched by Dubai Chamber

Dubai Chamber of Commerce has launched six business groups under the development of HORECA traders in F&B industry. Including hypermarkets and supermarkets, this business group will also launch poultry, meat, bakeries, organic food and groceries.

As Dubai set its track to reach the goal of setting up 100 business groups by March 2023. This project is an initiative to reach the ideal business goal. These new six business plans will help boost the economy and UAE food sector services also.

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Business groups are working hard and making sure the representation perfect in economic sector of UAE. According to Euromonitor UAE consumer food service sales was 58.4 billion AED in 2022 and set go reach 86.4 billion AED by 2027.

Positive outcome

The fresh food sale is is predicted to increase at 4.9 per cent and packaged food is predicted to increase at 3.9 per cent by 2027. The food industry of UAE is set for a positive outcome in future. The traditional retail sale is set to rise at 3% till 2026. Retail sale of groceries at supermarkets are also set to increase by 4%.

The organic packaged food rate will grow to 6% and meat trade will also reach 32.4 billion. The total trade rate of Dubai including Bread, pastry,cakes and biscuits reached 11.3 billion AED during the same period.

All the business groups are advised to focus on development of food companies and raising the quality and customer service for population. Government of UAE is also making sure to conduct mutual dialogue between stakeholders and government bodies to tackle then ongoing challenges of food supply and industry.

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