Dubai started Sikka Art & Design festival

Dubai started Sikka Art & Design festival

Dubai Arts and Culture Authority launched the start of 11th Sikka Art and Design Festival, inviting historical neighborhood cultural groups in the event. It will continue from 24th February till 5th March. The venue selected for this arts and design festival is heart of Dubai Al-Fahdi historical place. Under the leadership of Sheikh Latif Bint Muhammad Bin Rashid al Makhtom chairperson of Dubai culture, this festival will showcase arts and cultural designs of Dubai.

This festival is a key pillar of Dubai’s cultural importance and emirates vision of being Global center for arts, creativity and culture. This 11th edition of Dubai Sikka Arts and Culture festival will display across 13 different houses each representing different culture and arts design.

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The Sikka Arts and Cultural Design festival will include Digital arts house, Photography House, Bait al Khazaf, Bait al Film, Khaleji house and Al Talli craft. It will also showcase outdoor installments designs, 100 panels’ talks and workshop for the participants.

This festival will highlight the development in arts and culture department and global trends in culture. Variety of music shows, cinema and entertainment activities are part of festival. The project manager Noor Khalfan Al Roumi said that this festival has key role on regional art map of Dubai, it provides a unique platform for Emirati and UAE based talents to show their talent and skills in art and cultural innovations.

Festival in old Dubai

Festival is set to hold in old Dubai where the visitors of festival can witness the cultural and artistic experience of history. The festival gave an opportunity for new and young artists to bring unique culture and art design and help in Dubai’s growth and economic diversification.

The Sikka Art and Design Authority is committed to create sustainable ecosystem that contributes in preserving the culture of Arab world and it also opens up new spaces for people.

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Al Jalila Cultural center for children is also participating in the festival, it will present different cultural activities and performances for kids to know the importance of their culture and history. Transport Authority of Dubai will help people travel towards the festival and ease the public access to festival.

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