Boy died due to sprained ankle

Boy died due to sprained ankle

An elementary school student in United States died because of sprained ankle. He was injured while using a treadmill his cousin Megan Brown told the news source. Jesse Brown was a student of fifth grade in winter park city of United States. He got injured and sprained his ankle.

Later the bacterial infection from his ankle led to his whole body and caused his death. His cousin told the news media that purple colored bruises were found on his legs. These bruises entered in his blood and stopped his organs to work further. He was immediately taken to hospital where he died despite having treatment the flesh eating bacterial infection was all inside his blood that could be cured and he died.

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Family is in shock

All the family members and his friends are in shock because this kind of death was so sudden and out of the zone. They told media that we have never heard about anyone dying from sprained ankle, this incident left us all blank with this news.

School foundation of Jesse Brown helped in all the hospital expense and funeral money, he was member of many societies of school and has been the most brilliant student of school throughout his educational path. The Orange Country Public School will always remember its kid.

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Brown’s family and his friends said that he was always kind and compassionate in helping other beyond the limits. He was truly an amazing friend to everyone. His death left his all friends and classmates in shock because they got to know that he just sprained his ankle and it was minor injury but sudden death of kid left everyone sad.

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