World Government Summit 2023 set to begin in Dubai

World Government Summit 2023 set to begin in Dubai

World Government Summit 2023 is starting from today in Dubai. The UAE President Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Vice President, and Prime Minister of UAE welcomed all the participants who arrived to take part in World Government Summit 2023 under the theme of “Shaping Future Governments”.

The World Government Summit (WGS) 2023 is welcoming 20 heads of state, 250 ministers and more than 10,000 government senior officials. More than 80 international organizations are also participating in WGS 2023.

UAE actively participated in international efforts to face all the challenges and creating a great future for humanity. Under the rule of Sheikh Muhammad Bin Zayed Al Nahyan UAE is keen to enhance cooperation among the world governments across the globe. This hosting of Summit proved the UAE’s message of constructive role in global issues, and UAE’s contribution to find solution for all the challenges of humanity.

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Sheikh Muhammad Bin Rashid explained that World Government Summit 2023 is an influential impact on work of governments across the world. He added that, “The WGS signifies 10 years influence during this tenure the summit has unveiled new steps of management and institutional work”. Sheikh Muhammad Bin Zayed added that, “There are a lot of new challenges growing fastly in the world every day, and this close cooperation between the global governments can help dealing with these challenges for a better tomorrow.

He further said that World Government Summit is the perfect example of what we can do to serve people and what we can do to create secure future for new generations.

Importance of WGS at Global level

The World Government Summit is an inclusive platform which hosts government across the globe to discuss upcoming challenges and their solutions. The World Government Summit 2023 in its current setup is hosting the largest gathering in its 10 years of working. It is hosting more than 300 speakers to talk on new ideas and their visions in 220 different sessions.

The main thought of WGS is to establish an international partnership among governments based on inspiration and ideas for shaping the future. This year, WGS 2023 will share ideas on Future of Societies and Healthcare, Accelerating Development and Governance, Exploring the Frontiers, Governing Economic Resilience and Connectivity, Global City Design and Prioritizing Learning and Work.

WGS 2023 is basically Muhammad Bin Rashid’s vision to empower youth to make them participate in decision making ideas and development sector. The Summit will start from session “10 Years of Transformation” hosted by Muhammad Bin Abdullah al Gergawi, Chairman of World Government Summit. He will also participate in panel talks with Elon Musk, CEO of Twitter, SpaceX and Tesla.

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Major participations in Summit

The Summit will witness the presence of Sheikh Ahmad Nawaf Al Ahmad Al Sabah, Prime Minister of Kuwait, Najla Bouden, Prime Minister of Tunisia, Prime Minister of Yemen Maeen Abdul Malik Saeed, Prime Minister of Azerbaijan, Prime Minister of Georgia and the important states will participate in the session.

These leaders will deliver speech on importance of developing partnership among global governments in order to achieve global goals. UAE government always supported and worked for betterment of future and humanity. Many other global level projects started by UAE government are a sign of UAE’s interest in working for development of humanity.

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