Best Wedding photographers in twin cities

Best Wedding photographers in twin cities

A wedding is all about making memories and living unforgettable moments. To make this event save with us for whole life, people hire best wedding photographers, to knock their event with beautiful pictures.

The best wedding album and movie is something that everyone dream of for their big day. While choosing a photographer for clicking the best moment’s one should take in view some points.

What a photographer should work on?

While choosing a photographer for your big day, one must have some good knowledge of what they are looking for in best possible budget. Here are some points everyone should keep in mind while choosing a best photographer.

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Lightening is the first aspect everyone notices when looking into a photo. If the lightening is good, rest of the photo will attract automatically. The lightening of a wedding photo should not be harsh and bright. It should be natural looking and pleasing for eyes. While looking for a photographer, go through his previous work and then select the best photographer.


The background of the photo is as important as the couple, because if the background is distracting it will automatically ruin the picture.  During the selection of photographer, must look into previous events covered by the team and background of images.


Equipment is the most important thing to cover a great event. The equipment photographer is going to use must not be very much expensive but should be updated. Professional photographers use cameras with changeable lenses, fully charged extra batteries and tripods. Before selecting the photographer must look into his professionalism.

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Best Wedding photographers in RWP/ISB

As we all know that October to March is wedding season in Pakistan. Because of good weather everyone plan their wedding in these months. Here we have collected a list of some good photographers for you available in twin cities.

Afzal’s studio

He is one of the top photographer of Islamabad with his unique photography and videography style. The office is located in Street 15 Chaklala scheme 3 Rawalpindi.

The Photoneers

They are known for their different packages for wedding photography and videography. They have Gold, Silver and Platinum packages, rates and services of all the packages differ. Their office is located in Civic Center Bahria Town Phase 4, Islamabad.

SHN Photography

SHN is working in twin cities and their work is famous in both the cities. They click amazing picture with just right amount of exposure. Lightening, quality, background, pose everything is perfect in their clicked albums.

Hamza Ahmad Photography

They give you best quality of picture and outclass themed video of your event. They are famous for their magical wedding clicks located in Park view city, Islamabad.

Brand Illusion

They are famous for their best services to their customers. People who do not want male photographers, they have female photographers to cover your event beautifully. They are located in Zeeshan Street, Main Bostan khan road, Chaklala scheme 3.

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