Pets wedding trend started in India

Pets wedding trend started in India

We have seen people getting married and arrange lavish dinners for their loved ones on this special occasion of their life. But have you ever seen people arranging three days function and full organized wedding event for their pets? Yes it is happening in India.

Something very new started for animal lovers, in an Indian state of Uttar Pardesh, a dog named Tommy is married to female dog Jelly. It sounds weird but the pets’ family enjoyed the event to its fullest.

Animal lovers are often seem taking care of their pets to a big extent, exporting international food for them, loving them more than their kids, but two families tie the knot of their pets, is a really amusing turn for pet lovers.

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Wedding event of Dogs

The families showed full love for their pets, arranged lunch for all the guests, decorated the whole house with pink and white flowers, danced on drum beats.

The dance video with their pets got viral on internet in which male dog was wearing garlands sorrounded with flowers, and female dog was wearing red clothes with flowers.

The whole wedding ceremony took place according to Indian traditions. There was a Baraat, in which Baratis perform Bhangra (Special Indian Punjabi Dance). The food made in desi ghee was also distributed among neighbourhood as sign of happiness.

The Owner of female dog also claimed 50,000 rupees as per Indian rituals. After the wedding female dog was set off to her in laws with male dog tommy where they both will spend their life together.

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This is something weird and also interesting for the pet lovers. After the video got viral, pet keepers from all around the world are sharing the video and passing comments that they also want their pet to get married if their is any eligible candidate.

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