PM asked UAE to facilitate in Kashmir issue

PM asked UAE to facilitate in Kashmir issue

The Prime Minister Shahbaz Shareef had his last trip to UAE, where he met senior officials of UAE government. PM asked president UAE, Muhammad Bin Zayed al-Nahyan to help in dialogue with India for solving on going conflict.

Shahbaz Shareef, in an interview with Arab TV channel Al-Arabiya, said that he had asked Al-Nahyan’s help in negotiating the Kashmir issue with India. He further added that Pakistan learnt that there is no other way to strong country other than peace. We want peace and waiting for India to shake hands with Pakistan.

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UAE relation with India and Pakistan

He said that UAE is brotherly country to Pakistan, and also had good relations with India, the president of UAE can play an important role for bringing both countries on same table.This was the third visit of Mr Shareef to UAE after taking office in April 2022. He focused on strong trade and bilateral relationship with UAE.

The Prime Minister Shahbaz Shareef in his interview to Al-Arabiya said that, we had three wars with India and we learnt our lesson that war can only make the nation suffer, so I am giving my hand of honour to India for straight talk in solving this matter.

He also gave message to Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi that let us sit down on same table and have sincere talk to resolve our conflicts, he also mentioned the on going human rights violations in Kashmir, saying that it is only destroying peace and nothing else.

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He added that now India needs to stop this brutal killing in Kashmir and give the world a message that country is ready for talks.

The Prime Minister’s spokesperson later tweeted that Kashmir dispute will be resolve in accordance with UN resolution and according to will of Kashmiri people.

Abu Dhabi, has also played a key role in past in defusing Pakistan India tensions during Balakot standoff. While there is still no remarks from Delhi, on Prime Minister Shahbaz Shareef’s peace offer.

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