Exercise routine you should follow in winters

Exercise routine you should follow in winters

According to the research in health Institute of Harvard University, your body works better if you continue to work out in winters. Doing exercise like walking, running and cycling outside in winters have much more benefits than we could ever think of.

In cold temperature, your heart doesn’t need to work hard, as you sweat less and less energy is consumed, all of it means that you can exercise more efficiently and comfortably in winters.

Modern researchers showed that doing exercise in winters can help in transforming white fat into calorie-burning brown fat which means it can lower fat from belly and thighs easily.

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Another benefit of winter workout is that it can help us getting exposure of fresh sunlight. Our body when absorb winter sunlight, it can protect us from all kind of disorders. Most of the people experience depression in winters more than summers. The exposure of fresh sunlight can also reduce the chances of getting depressed.

People having problems of asthma and heart diseases can also do exercises in winter as per medications and precautions recommended by their doctors.

Measures for winter workout

While you plan to do workout outside in winter there are some points to keep in mind before going out for exercise.

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  • Cover yourself properly with thin and warm clothing, choose the clothing with your exercise intensity and comfort level.
  • Protect your head, hands and feet to get intense cold. During cold weathers, your core body parts help you keep warm which than result in keeping your hands, head and feet cold. Try to cover your core body parts warm during workout.
  • Stay hydrated during workout, the cold air in winters tamps down thirst. You don’t feel any need of taking fluid as compare to summers. Try to keep your body more hydrated in winter’s workout.
  •  Apply sunscreen as it doesn’t feel much hog but still you can easily get sunburn. Wear a product that prevent all kinds of ultra violet rays to help you exercise comfortably in winters sunlight.

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