Peshawar blast, a sign of increasing terrorism in Pakistan

Peshawar blast, a sign of increasing terrorism in Pakistan

Yesterday, a suicide bomber blew himself up while performing Zohar prayer in mosque in highly fortified security era in Peshawar police lines. 82 people are killed and many more are badly injured in hospitals.

Police Chief Ijaz khan told media that, it was a suicide bomb and suicide bomber entered the red zone era where housed of police and anti-terrorism squad located. It was highly security proof era.

Khan told the reporters that suicide bomber blew himself up as soon the sound of Allah O Akbar (Allah is the greatest) was called. He said that a lot of people were in the mosque to offer prayer. 

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He further added that we have found the traces of explosion and investigating that how bomber managed to enter the highly proof security era, or either it was an inside help. He said that Mosque was full with 400 people and most of them were police officers. 

Whoever is behind this, tried to attack the security forces of Pakistan. The suicide bomber was standing in the first row of worshippers. An injured policeman told media that as soon as the leader said, “Allah is the greatest” there was explosion and it threw me out to outer place where roof and walls fell on me.

Increasing terrorist attacks

From last few months, the terrorist attacks are increasing in Pakistan. The Prime Minister Shahbaz Shareef said that this sheer scale of human tragedy is unimaginable. This attack is attack on Muslims and Pakistan. Whoever is behind this is attacking Muslims openly. The nation is overwhelmed by a deep sense of grief.

The US mission in Pakistan also expressed deepest condolences with families and victims. Muhammad Shahbaz Shareef added that the attackers have nothing to do with Islam, they are just propagating their dirty mission in name of Islam and targeting Muslims.

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Pakistan is currently dealing with financial crises and terrorism activities in this situation is worsening the country’s weather. The government of Pakistan should take this matter to international platforms and work against increasing terrorism.

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