How to celebrate wedding 100k budget in Pakistan

celebrate wedding 100k budget in Pakistan

Pakistani Weddings are Wonderful

Pakistani weddings are wonderful occasions if you are endowed with endless patience. Even better if you are not burdened by ordinary concerns like making a job or living a life.

During the peak of the epidemic, it was difficult to envisage a wedding with 200 guests. Couples who continued with their wedding preparations just chose for an intimate, modest ceremony. And now that COVID-19 limitations are loosening, more couples recognize the beauty and practicality of a modest wedding.

Low-Cost Wedding

In Pakistan, there are several advantages to having a low-cost wedding. First, you may devote your budget to the components of your wedding that are most essential to you. With a small wedding, you can experience the entire ceremony from beginning to end. Follow these guidelines for a straightforward wedding in Pakistan.

The fewer guests you invite, the lower your wedding costs will be. Simple and direct. In Pakistan, a mini wedding has no more than 50 attendees. Nevertheless, you can still reduce your invitation list if you so want. Invite just immediate relatives and your closest friend.

Desired Day for Weddings

When you schedule your wedding on a Saturday during peak wedding season, you face stiff competition. Saturday is the most popular or desired day for weddings because it is everyone’s day off.

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However, if you get married during the week during the off-season, you will have a greater chance of reserving your ideal wedding location and wedding vendors. A weekday wedding may even result in extra discounts or freebies from your wedding vendors.

An Ideal Solution

Additionally, from a guest’s perspective, weekday airfares are less expensive. Therefore, this is an ideal solution if you have relatives or friends traveling in from various countries to attend your wedding.

If there is a wedding detail that you can manufacture yourself, then do so! Whether it’s a printed invitation or an electronic invitation, you may personalize it for free.

Design Gorgeous Wedding Website

Create and customize your own wedding invitations, for instance; Canva has several free wedding layouts. Alternatively, you may use a site builder, such as or, to design a gorgeous wedding website that will also act as your invitation.

Marriage is one of the most significant events in one’s life. However, it is one of the most demanding events to organize.

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