Maryam separated herself from Shahbaz Shareef government

Maryam separated herself from Shahbaz Shareef government

Pakistan Muslim League-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz said that this is not her government, and Pakistan can only move when, Nawaz Shareef, returns to the country. He is the real leader of the state and only he is capable to run this country.

Maryam distances herself from the current government of her uncle Shahbaz Shareef, saying that she is not responsible for his performance. Maryam Nawaz made these remarks in a meeting with PML-N’s youth wing saying “This is not my government, our government will be when Nawaz Shareef returns to Pakistan.”

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According to the reports, the members of PML-N are playing blame games due to the poor performance of the federal government. During the meeting, Maryam tried to absolver her party of the current hurdles and crises faced by Pakistan by saying that she is not part of the current government.

Maryam Nawaz said that PML-N cannot be blamed just due to the poor performance of Shahbaz Shareef. Her statement came when PML-N is under immense pressure due to high inflation and a hike in food prices and the general election are held to be scheduled soon.

Mini-budget and deal with IMF

Finance Minister Ishaq Dar presented mini-budget that carries high inflationary measures but there aren’t any new tax implications on commercial banks and traders putting up a question mark on the current government’s strategies.

This Finance Bill 2023 also contained some measures which are already failed in the past to generate any revenues such as 10% tax on public and private gatherings and functions. Pakistan locked the deal with the IMF with Rs 170 billion worth of additional taxes causing a burden to common people.

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The Federal government on Wednesday dropped another blast on citizens by increasing the prices of petrol and fuel. In this situation of high inflation and economic crises, Maryam Nawaz is trying to take her party out of the blames saying that it is Shahbaz Shareef who is to blame not PML-N.

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