PML-N Ministers to work without salary

PML-N Ministers to work without salary

Pakistan is going through a serious economic crisis where everything is out of control, inflation is on the rise due to increases in prices and people are having a bad time. In this time of crisis, PML-N Ministers decided to work without salary until the economy comes back on its track.

The Ministers took this decision in a meeting led by Prime Minister Shahbaz Shareef. They decided to work without salary under national spirit. Overall twelve Federal Ministers and three state ministers decided to work without their salaries.

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14 Special assistants also requested Prime Minister Shahbaz Shareef to let them work without salary which Shahbaz Shareef has accepted. The assistants decided to work without salary of their own willingness to show solidarity with the country.

National Austerity Committee

Earlier, National Austerity Committee had been formed to control the expenditure of Ministers’ and parliament offices’ budgets. Nasir Mehmood Khosa was appointed as the chairperson of the Committee. He is a retired civil servant and one of the nominees from PTI for the post of caretaker Chief Minister.

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This decision of working without salary was taken out of the committee under the decision of National Spirit by Prime Minister Shahbaz Shareef. The decision to work without salary is unprecedented in the country’s history. All the Ministers agreed with their full heart to work without salary to help Pakistan’s economy get back to its position.

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